Create new D&D monsters

Need new monsters for your D&D 5e game? Want to create exciting, balanced encounters? Then try GIFFYGLYPH'S MONSTER MAKER—85+ pages of rules, templates, and tables you can use in any D&D 5e game.


  • Swap out cumbersome Challenge Ratings (CR) for easy-to-track Monster Levels (ML).
  • Build minions, standards, elites, and solo monsters at level with 30+ pages of simplified Monster Stats.
  • Give your monsters some identity in combat with 7 Monster Roles—build controllers, strikers, supporters, defenders, lurkers, scouts, and snipers.
  • Add simple Traits & Powers to create interesting variety in your combat.
  • Give your monsters dynamic Freeform Attacks & Magic.
  • Scare your players with Overkill Attacks.
  • Build encounters in seconds with Monster Points.
  • Run your players through the Court of Bones, a sample 5th-level adventure.

Download the standard PDF, read the online grimoire, try the monster builder app, or become a patron to unlock access to the bookmarked and print-friendly PDF files.