Many items require ammunition—arrows, bolts, bullets, charges, etc. But in the heat of battle, it's not always clear how much ammo remains in your quiver.

This chapter introduces ammunition dice as a means of tracking your ammunition supplies.

The Ammunition Die

Instead of tracking each individual shot, take a d12—this is your Ammunition die. Roll it whenever you take a shot: if you roll a 1 or 2, the die gets one size smaller:

Ammunition Die

d12 → d10 → d8 → d6 → d4 → 1

If you're down to one piece of ammunition and you use it, that's it—it's all gone! Remove it from your inventory.

Stack Sizes: Most ammunition types will start with (and have a maximum size of) a d12 ammunition die—this represents a full stack of arrows/bolts/bullets/etc. Some special items, however, may have their own unique limitations—such as a wand with d8 maximum charges.

  • GM:The ghoul grabs hold of you tight, Viridian, moaning as it prepares to bite. What do you do?
  • Viridian:Uh Chansi, need a little help here!
  • Chansi:Yea see the thing is, I'm kinda running low on arrows though. Ammunition die is down to a d4—
  • Chansi:Fine. That's... (rolls 15) ...15 to hit. And... (rolls 1) ...damn, a 1 for ammunition. Down to my last arrow. You're welcome, Viridian.

Average Uses per Die Size

Die Size Remaining
Uses (Average)
d20 30
d12 20
d10 14
d8 9
d6 5
d4 2

Ammunition Stacks

If you're carrying multiple stacks of any one type of ammunition, prioritize the smallest stack first—always roll the smallest ammunition die per ammo type.

Special Ammo

If your ammunition is rare or has limited uses—fire arrows, magic bolts, lighting bullets, etc—don't use an ammunition die. Track each shot as you use them.

Replenishing Ammunition

To increase your ammunition die you can recover ammo from the environment, buy a new stack, or pay a small percentage of the total cost to increase your die by one step based on the maximum die size for that ammo type

For example, to replenish a stack of arrows (max size d12) from d8 to d10 would cost 20 cp (20% of 1 gp).

Replenishing Ammunition

Maximum Die Cost per Size Increase
d20 16%
d12 20%
d10 25%
d8 33%
d6 50%
d4 100%