Monster Maker v2.1.1

This section lists at some of the frequently asked questions regarding Monster Maker. If your question isn't answered here, do contact me.

The Supplement

Is this official material?

No. This an unofficial compilation of house-rules for D&D 5e—rules that can be used to supplement material found in the PHB and DMG.

Why make this?

As a DM, I tend to improvise a lot—this generally means I need a quick, reliable way of generating combat-ready monsters for my players to fight. But even after running 5e for some years now, I still find the challenge rating system needlessly complicated and confusing.

I'm a big fan of D&D 4e's encounter-building system and standardized monster math—and monster roles were an exceptionally clever means of adding some very quick variety to a combat. I've been using these mechanics as the basis for my 5e combats for a while now, and it's made encounters much easier for me to improvise as a result.

Are the numbers accurate?

The stats listed in the Monster Stats by Level table are rough guidelines to follow, but every adventuring party is different. Use the numbers here as a starting guide when building your quickstart monsters and tweak them to better suit your players.

What about the Monster Manual?

Quickstart monsters are designed to supplement any other material you choose. Quickstart profiles are not as fleshed out as officially-listed monsters, so mix-and-match both types as you see fit.

The Format

Do you use Homebrewery or GMBinder?

No. This document—including my other supplements—was written and designed using my own custom-made HTML/CSS/JS framework.

Can I copy bits of this?

Feel free to reference parts of this supplement in your own free homebrew, with appropriate credit. However, please don't replicate it wholesale nor include my work in any for-sale variant.

Can I buy a printed version?

Not at the moment, no. I'm currently looking into this, however, as a few people have requested a print copy. In the meantime, this project (and most of my other work) is released on Pay-What-You-Want terms.

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