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No adventure is complete without a horde of monsters to cause trouble for civilians and brave heroes alike. But what do you do when your adventure needs a brand new monster type, or your combat scenes need some new tricks, or your players go off-road and you need to prep an encounter fast. Don't worry—Giffyglyph's Monster Maker is here to help.

This 5e supplement introduces guides, templates, and advice to help you build new, exciting monsters and balanced encounters within minutes—perfect for the DM on the go, and compatible with any D&D 5e game! Catch your players off-guard with minion hordes, dangerous elites, and terrifying solo monsters at any level!

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Version 2.1
Created by Giffyglyph, May 2020

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Credits & Influences

  • Writing, Art, & Layout: Giffyglyph
  • Iconography:
  • Monster Roles: D&D 4e
  • Monster Stats: Song of the Blade
  • Discord Defender: LexRaine, the Witching Warden
  • Twitch Tyrant: Strider, Baron of Banhammers

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