Play Darker Dungeons online

Are you using Giffyglyph's Darker Dungeons in your Roll20 5e campaign? Want a modular character sheet with extra features you can turn on or off? Then try the new Roll20 DARKER DUNGEONS CHARCTER SHEET.


  • A brand new layout and design.
  • 6 carefully laid-out tabs, panels, and options.
  • Compatible with any D&D 5e game.
  • Options to toggle DARKER DUNGEONS modules on and off.
  • Full drag-and-drop compendium support.
  • Track your inventory using either weight or slots.

To start using the sheet, search for "D&D 5E (Darker Dungeons)" in the Roll20 character sheet list. You can also try out a working preview below to see if it's a good fit for your game.