Credits (v3.1.1)

  • Writing, Art, & Layout: Giffyglyph
  • Iconography:
  • D&D 5e SRD: Wizards of the Coast
  • Discord Defenders: Lex Raine, Raspilicious
  • Twitch Tyrant: Strider
  • Usage Die: The Black Hack RPG
  • Mental Stress: Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon
  • Inventory Slots & Bulk: Matt Rundle's Anti-Hammerspace Tracker, Pathfinder 2e
  • Weapon Notches: James Young's Ten Foot Polemic
  • Fate Points: Warhammer Fantasy RPG
  • Success at a Cost: Fate Core
  • Journeys & Travel: The Angry GM, Adventures in Middle Earth RPG
  • Skill Challenges: D&D 4e
  • Advice & Testing: 1d4damage, a8bmiles, ace_of_shovels, Ady, Android117, Anthoux, baronbadass1, BoboLimbo, CrashGem, coldermoss, darkstreetlights123, Durins_cat, EADreddtit, easyasgoblinpie, Engesa, Fabreh, grit-glory-games, heimdall237, jdeustice, JetrayDadM, Kenku, LeVentNoir, LexRaine, Majikaloo, MickeyMinaj, Necoya, nicktobey, Overdrive2000, Raspilicious, ReskinBordran, SageDaMage, Spilled Ale Studios, Skolas, Strider, TDuncker, warpwalkers, Velivanne, zeemeerman2, Zieryk, and The Cult of 46
  • Patrons: Special thanks to all my patrons for their generous support, in particular:

    Ady Veisz Dragia (Collector Enthusiast ), Alexander von Bose, Anthony Campla, Barkston, Birb Marrows, cappyCapslock, Dario Hajic, Dor Sivan, Faolan Twinbear, George, Hoots Kenku, JP Callahan Jr, Lex Raine, MickeyMinaj, Strider (The Great Distrupter ), Tristan Bacinett, Velivanne, and 270 other patrons

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