Create bold heroes for your D&D 5e campaign.

Want to add some new features to your player characters? Then try GIFFYGLYPH'S CLASS COMPENDIUM—12 booklets full of class rules, features, and playsheets you can use in any D&D 5e game.

Project status: Ongoing

Class Version
Brilliant Bard 0.4.1 Read it
Brutal Barbarian 0.4 Read it
Capable Cleric 0.4.1 Read it
Dynamic Druid WIP
Fearless Fighter 0.4 Read it
Masterful Monk WIP
Pious Paladin WIP
Rakish Rogue WIP Locked
Roving Ranger WIP
Supreme Sorcerer 0.4.1 Read it
Wicked Warlock 0.4.1 Read it
Wondrous Wizard 0.4.1 Read it


  • Rebalanced for 1st-to-10th levels.
  • New class features and power resources.
  • Choose your subclass at 1st level.
  • Expanded spell lists.
  • Quick reference class playsheets.
  • And many more.

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