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I write rules. I build tools. I play games.

Here you'll find a collection of my work and other things I have in the pipeline. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact me via email, twitter, or reddit.

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  • Update the Monster Maker webapp to v2.0

    A full update of the Monster Maker webapp, including new features (support for RAW 5e monsters, better exports, passive saving, etc) and an improved workflow.

  • Complete the core of Darker Dungeons

    Add chapters to cover new mechanics (light, hirelings, curses, revised economy) and variants/revisions for existing content (burnout, stress, etc).

  • Complete the core of Monster Maker

    Add chapters to cover freeform magic and solo encounters in more detail, and include an example bestiary with a small adventure (such as the Vault of Bone).

  • A Darker Dungeons Adventure

    Write a short adventure for Darker Dungeons to demonstrate some of the core features in action (journeys, camping, active xp, etc).

  • Get Darker Dungeons into a printable format

    Get Darker Dungeons into a state where it can be printed into a physical book. Requires a lockdown of the content and an update of the art/cover assets to boost the DPI.

  • Giffyglyph's Character Creator

    A character creator based on the same code as the Monster Maker webapp, allowing you to create and save D&D 5e characters.

  • Giffyglyph's Artifactory

    A D&D 5e supplement focused on crafting rules and magic items. Will include socketed items, guncasters, item sets, and many more.

  • Giffyglyph's Book of Business

    A D&D 5e supplement focused on running an organisation (such as a business, guild, or gang) in a fun way—less number-crunching and more management in the vein of Theme Hospital.

  • The Elsewood Adventures

    A collection of adventures set around a dangerous, aberrant forest called the Elsewood—including a sandbox town and setting.

  • Quick Quest

    A one-page ruleset for a very rules-lite quickplay D&D-esque game—in the vein of Lasers & Feelings—with scope for modular expansions.